More skinny-girl trouble and meeting Richard Lloyd

Didn’t manage any photos at Wednesday’s rehearsal, but later we met with executive producer Marshall Brady and studio engineer Peter Pearlson to discuss logistics and philosophy and drink cheap Zoo Lake beer. Things soon got out of hand.


Marshall, Peter and Ryan

Feeling a little worse for wear this morning, we moved rehearsals to Neill Solomon’s studio in Norwood, a fantastic space.


Rian Malan and Timon Wapenaar came in to run through their songs.


Jim, Rian and Loandi

Then it was off to the airport to fetch Richard and then dinner with him, Jim and Hanli. Richard’s luggage was lost on the flight from New York, but that didn’t put much of damper on things. He’s very likeable on first impression; self-aware with some very interesting ideas and a dry sense of humour. The next two weeks are going to be a lot of fun.


Richard and Jim

Tomorrow (well, today actually – shit, I’m tired) is the gig at the Belavista. Richard’s brought his ‘62 Telecaster and will work his wizardry on it onstage with us. Stay tuned for pics. — Og


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