Live with Television’s Richard Lloyd

Former Television guitarist Richard Lloyd will be in South Africa soon from New York to record and produce Jim Neversink‘s third album. To celebrate, and give you a taste of some of the songs that will be on the album, we’re playing two shows while Richard is in SA – the first before we go into the studio, and the second after we emerge.

The view from the Belavista
This, the first, is at Belavista, the superb new venue in Bertrams/Troyeville, Johannesburg, on Friday February 27. As those of you who have been there will attest, it doesn’t get better than watching live music at the Belavista, with sweeping views of the Joburg skyline as the backdrop.

In addition to the treat of new Jim Neversink songs and old favourites, Richard Lloyd will make a guest appearance, appearing on stage for the first time in South Africa!
For the Google map of the area, please click here:,28.070154&sspn=0.032732,0.055275&ie=UTF8&ll=-26.192335,28.069296&spn=0.032732,0.055275&z=14

The Belavista is on the third floor and rooftop of the building right next door to the Bertrams Superspar. There is safe parking in the Superspar complex.


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